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OpenWetWare Centrifuge SOP
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OpenWetWare Centrifuge SOP
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Effective date: November 01, 2007

Description: Centrifuges are used to separate chemicals based on their densities.

Potential Safety Issues: Mechanical hazard from rapidly moving centrifuge parts.

Startup Procedure:

  1. Turn on power to the centrifuge.
  2. Set the centrifuge to spin at the desired speed, temperature, and duration. Do not spin samples and sample containers at a centrifugal force higher than they are rated to withstand.
  3. Place samples in the centrifuge in a balanced manner.
  4. Before starting, make sure that the rotor tie-down device is securely fastened.
  5. Close the centrifugation chamber and start the centrifuge.

Shutdown Procedure:

  1. Ensure that the centrifuge has come to a complete stop.
  2. Open the centrifugation chamber and remove all samples.
  3. Close the centrifugation chamber.

In the Event of an Power Failure: Shut down all centrifuges. Do not attempt to retrieve the sample from the centrifuge for at least one hour.

Monitoring Required: Centrifuges are inspected weekly by the student safety coordinator for cleanliness.

This SOP originates from this OpenWetWare wiki page and is licensed CC-BY-SA.

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Egon Willighagen
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