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The Wikipedia Usability Initiative has been working hard to improve the usability of Wikipedia. Would you like to try our Beta?

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What has been improved?

Enhanced navigation

The new navigation system makes it easier to see where you are and what you are doing, as well as where you can go and how to get there. With the search box located in the top right corner, the search feature is easier to find and quicker to use.

Edit toolbar improvements

New-and-improved icons make it clearer what action each tool performs. Expandable sections reduce clutter while keeping infrequently used tools just a click away. The help section provides quick access to a reference for common uses of wiki-markup.

How to get involved

To learn more about the project or to get involved, please visit the Usability Initiative's wiki. There you will find information about our grant, research, design + development, and releases. To ask questions or leave general feedback, please use our prototype discussion page. To address particular subjects, please use the associated discussion pages. If you find bugs, please leave your comments on the Babaco release discussion page or by using Bugzilla.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

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