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SA167 (CE167)

Cell Nomenclature SA167 (CE167)
hESCreg Database SA167 (CE167) entry
UKSCB Acc. No. SA167
Provenance Female
1. Stenberg, J., Elovsson, M., Strehl, R., Kilmare, E., Hyllner, J. and Lindahl, A., 2011, Sustained embryoid body formation and culture in a non-laborious three dimensional culture system for human embryonic stem cells. Cytotechnology, 63(3): 227–237.
2. Lee, Y., Kim, Y., Park, J.A, Ha, Y.W., Park, S.K., Kim, H.S. and Oh, S. K., 2012, Chromosomal Modification in Human Embryonic Stem Cells Cultured in a Feeder-Free Condition after Single Cell Dissociation using Accutase. Dev. Reprod. 16(4): 353 – 361.
3. Bigdeli, N., Andersson, M., Strehl, R., Emanuelsson, K., Kilmare E., Hyllner, J. and Lindahl, A., 2008, Adaptation of human embryonic stem cells to feeder-free and matrix-free culture conditions directly on plastic surfaces. J Biotechnol. 133(1):146-53.
4. Inui, A., Iwakura, T. and Reddi, A.H., 2012, Human Stem Cells and Articular Cartilage Regeneration. Cells 1, 994-1009.
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