Human Recombinant FGF Basic G5071

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Human Recombinant FGF Basic G5071
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Fibroblast Growth Factor, Basic, Human, Recombinant (G5071)

Molecular Description

Molecular Description 154 amino acids
Molecular Weight 17.5kDa

Biological Source

Name E. Coli
Recombinant or animal source Recombinant

Characterisation Data

PAGE with antibodies
Cell culture testing e.g. growth promotion, cytokine expression

Quality Control Parameters

Biological assay/activity Biological Activity: The ED50 for FGF, Basic, i.e., the concentration of factor that produces one-half the maximal response, isdetermined in a proliferation bioassay using BALB/c 3T3 fibroblasts in serum-free medium and Promega’s CellTiter 96®AQueous Non-Radioactive Cell Proliferation Assay* (Cat.# G5421). The ED50 value obtained is reported on the ProductInformation Label affixed to this document.Specific Activity: A basic fibroblast growth factor reference standard, #90/712, provided by the National Institute forBiological Standards and Controls, is run in parallel with each batch of rhFGF, Basic, and is used to assign the specific activity.

Company Product Link
Promega G5071

Authors of this ToxBank wiki page

David Bower, Glenn Myatt
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