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Toxicant Inititiating Mechanism Adverse Event of Interest Wiki Table Product Source
Reactive Molecules
Acetaminophen Non-selective thiol reagent Cytotoxicity Yes A7085
Iodoacetamide Selective thiol reagent Cytotoxicity Yes I1149
Allyl alcohol Selective thiol reagent, energy source Fibrosis Yes 240532
DMNQ Redox cycling Cytotoxixity Yes D5439
CCl4 Free radical generator Steatosis, fibrosis Yes 02671
Aflatoxin B1 Lysine reagent Apoptosis Yes A6636
Mitochondrial Disruption
Antimycin A Mitochondrial disruption, ROS Cytotoxicity No
Oligomycin A Inhibition of complex V Cytotoxixity Yes 4110
Rotenone Inhibition of complex I Cytotoxixity Yes 45656
FCCP Proton gradient uncoupler Cytotoxixity Yes 0453
Promiscuous Binding
Valproic Acid Membrane disruption, inhibition of fatty acid beta-oxidation Steatosis Yes P4543
Chlorpromazine Membrane disruption Cholestasis Yes 31679
Amiodarone Phospholipid binding, membrane disruption, inhibition of fatty acid beta-oxidation Phospholipidosis, steatosis Yes 4095
Selective Binding
Methotrexate Antifolate Fibrosis Yes M8407
Bosentan BSEP inhibitor Cholestasis Yes SRP02325b
Dirlotapide Microsomal triglyceride transport inhibitor Steatosis Yes
Fluoxetine Phospholipid binding Phospholipidosis Yes 34012
Hygromycin B Ribosome inhibitor Cytotoxicity Yes ant-hg-10p
Nuclear Hormone Receptor Ligads
TO901317 Dual LXR-PXR agonist Steatosis Yes T2320
Rifampicin PXR agonist Negative control, steatosis Yes R3501
WY14643 PPAR-α agonist Lipid metabolism disruption, proliferation No
β-Naphthoflavone AhR agonist Lipid metabolism disruption No
Tamoxifen ER modulator Epigenetics Yes T5648
KBrO3 Strong oxidizing agent Cytotoxicity Yes 60085
Ochratoxin A Cytoskeleton disruption Epigenetics Yes O1877
Doxorubicin Topoisomerase inhibitor, redox cycling Repeated dose organ failure Yes 44583
Antimycin A Mitochondrial disruption, ROS Cytotoxicity No
E4031 hERG antagonist Torsade de Pointes Yes
Carbachol Cholinergic agonist Cell phenotyping Yes
Isoproterenol Adrenergic agonist Cell phenotyping No
Nifedipine L-type Ca channel antagonist Cell phenotyping No
Naphthol AS-E Phosphate CREB inhibitor Mechanistic standard
Forskolin CREB activator Mechanistic standard No
DAPT Notch1 inhibitor Mechanistic standard No
Rapamycin mTOR inhibitor Mechanistic standard No
GSK2334470 PDK1 inhibitor Mechanistic standard No
Akt 1/2 inhibitor AKT kinase nhibitor Mechanistic standard No
Nocodazole Inhibition of neurite outgrowth No
U0126 Inhibition of neurite outgrowth No
Acrylamide Inhibition of neurite outgrowth No
Propofol Inhibition of synaptogenesis No
Lead(II) Chloride Inhibition of synaptogenesis No
Chlorpyrifos Organophosphate acetylcholinesterase inhibitor Affecting cAMP signalling (CREB) No
Diazanon Organophosphate acetylcholinesterase inhibitor Affecting cAMP signalling (CREB) No
Dieldrin Affecting cAMP signalling (CREB) No
Ni2+ Affecting cAMP signalling (CREB) No
Tributyltin (TBT) Affecting cAMP signalling (CREB) No
Trimethyltin (TMT) Affecting cAMP signalling (CREB) No
PCB 153 Affecting Notch signalling No
PCB 180 Affecting Notch signalling No
Glutamate Affecting PDK1/Akt /mTOR signalling No
Generic Negative Controls
D-Mannitol NA NA No

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