Human Recombinant Oncostatin M

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Human Recombinant Oncostatin M
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Human Recombinant Oncostatin M

Molecular Description

Molecular Weight 26 kDa

Biological Source

Name E. coli
Recombinant or animal source Recombinant

Characterisation Data

PAGE with antibodies
Cell culture testing e.g. growth promotion, cytokine expression

Quality Control Parameters

Biological assay/activity ED50 ≤2 ng/mL (≥5 × 105 units/mg). The biological activity is determined by measuring the oncostatin Mconcentration dependent stimulation of proliferation of TF–1 cells. The suggested concentration range for in vitroactivity studies is 0.2–20.0 ng/mL. The optimal concentration should be determined for each specific application.Oncostatin M is observed to exert variable, cell type dependent effects. For example, oncostatin M is observed tostimulate the growth of normal fibroblasts and AIDS–related Kaposi sarcoma cells, but is observed to inhibit thegrowth of A375 melanoma cells.

Company Product Link
Life Technologies PHC5015

Authors of this ToxBank wiki page

David Bower, Glenn Myatt
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