Step by Step How To Add a Standard Operating Procedure

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Step by Step How To Add a Standard Operating Procedure
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This is a Step by Step How To Add a Standard Operating Procedure.


Step 1: Creating a new SOP

You start creating a new SOP by going to the Standard Operating Procedure form, which looks like:

SOP Start page

In this page you enter the name of your SOP and click the 'Create or edit' button:

Entering the SOP name

Step 2: Filling out the form

Clicking that button will create a form editor for your new SOP which looks like:

The Standard Operating Procedure form editor

Here you fill out your name (Added by) and the SEURAT-1 project you are affiliated with (COSMOS, DETECTIVE, NOTOX, etc).

Step 3: Uploading the PDF of your SOP

Currently, you can upload PDF versions of your SOP, by clicking the Upload file link, which will create this popup window:

Popup window for uploading PDF files

Click the Choose File button to select the PDF from your local hard disk. The other fields can be left empty, scroll down (if needed), and hit the Upload file button. This will return you to the form editor, and give the file name in the Document field.

Step 4: Further Detail

The Free text field can be used to enter further information, such as comments.

The Summary field can be used to describe this commit, but may be left empty.

The SOP can be finalized by clicking the Save page button, which will create a page a bit like:

Example of what the result page will look like

Step 5: (Optional) Make the PDF show up

At this moment, we have been unable to figure out how to get the PDF to automatically show up properly. But this (optional) step explains you how this can be done. Click the Edit tab at the top of the page:

Use the Edit functionality to have the PDF show up inline

This will show a page that looks like this one:

General Edit page showing Wiki source code

Note the use of the text <pdf>testfile.pdf</pdf> of which the content is identical to that given earlier in that wiki source for the Has Document field. Add the equivalent to your SOP page, to make the PDF show up inline on your SOP page, such as here (matching the above wiki source):

SOP page with an inline PDF

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